2011 was a hell of a year for Hollywood's fast-rising rockers Black Veil Brides. Unleashing their massively confident and towering sophomore full-length 'Set The World On Fire' in June, it was an album that would prove hot as hell. Andy Biersack (vocals), Jake Pitts (guitar), Jinxx (guitar), Ashley Purdy (bass) and Coma Mora (drums) won awards, graced stages all over the world and broke bones for their trouble (Biersack broke his nose onstage in October). They've accrued an ever-increasing, die-hard fanbase and become a worldwide phenomenon, like the new generation's Motley Crue, Misfits and KISS rolled into one. So where do they go next? This short but sweet EP is the answer. Released over the holidays, it's a blast and leaves you wanting more. The opening new track 'Coffin' shows how easily Biersack and co. can craft songs that soar like cock rock one minute and crunch like glam metal the next. A lesser band would make this sound clumsy but in Black Veil Brides' black gloved hands, this is a seamless and organic transition within a song. An outtake from the album, it's still powerful and catchy. The other two tracks are covers, that the quintet happily but their bootprint on. Their cover of Billy Idol's classic 'Rebel Yell' is a suitably darker and more metal-infused interpretation. Put simply, they've given it balls and dragged it into the 21st century. The same goes for their cover of KISS' 'Unholy', with Biersack's growl giving the song menace before the huge gang vocal chorus and Black Label Society guitar legend Zakk Wylde adds some fucking tasty guitar licks. The six-minute director's cut music video for 'Rebel Love Song' is on there too so this EP is definitely something to rebel yell about.