Third album from the former Movielife frontman's band.

Following up 2011’s ‘Avalanche United’, ex-Movielife vocalist Vinnie Caruana and his oddly named ensemble, I Am The Avalanche are back with another slice of their punk influenced rock, this time around with the emphasis on the ‘rock’! ‘Wolverines’ is crammed full of big riffs and pounding anthemic songs that, under the control of these powerfully delivering musicians, make a majestic album that is easily their finest work yet to date. The pounding heart behind songs like ‘The Shape I’m In’ or ‘Where You Were’ beat with a driving energy that could see many of its songs become rock radio classics. From the soaring opener of ‘Two Runaways’ right through all the ten tracks, to the album’s finale ‘One Last Time’ there is no filler on ‘Wolverines’ at all. There are still shades of their earlier punk influences in the song writing but the straight up, right between the eyes delivery of the songs on ‘Wolverines’ sets it apart from most of its competition. I Am The Avalanche may not be the most prolific band in the world, only clocking up three albums in their ten year tenure, but their ‘quality not quantity’ attitude has really paid off for them and ‘Wolverines’ is testament to that and will no doubt win the band fans outside the limitations of the large ‘punk’ umbrella of the current music scene. A bold and uplifting album.
Miles Hackett