Ushering in a new era of greatness for Underoath with new drummer David Davison (ex-Norma Jean), ‘Ø’ is the culmination of a band that has evolved and progressed after a decade as one of the most successful bands in melodic metal. Cathartic and ear-splitting as ever, the departure of the previous drummer seems to have only strengthened the band as it dives right in at the deep end with ‘In Division’ that sees the continuation of frontman Spencer’s melodic yet brutal vocals. At times quiet and thoughtful and at other times explosive and volatile in nature, Spencer screams his heart, blood, guts and all out with track ‘Illuminator’, which sees the band holding nothing back creatively.  ‘Paper Lung’ and ‘Driftwood’ are the most forward thinking tracks on the album, similar somewhat to ‘Alchemy Index’ era Thrice, with the dark, foreboding feel of Deftones. ‘A Divine Eradication’ is unforgiving and relentless, while ‘Vacant Mouth’ sees the band ripping through a Cancer Bats-esque punk number with spit and grit galore. This is an album written by a maniac with the voice of a demon, played out by a powerful band with years of experience and mind-bending skill.  Gone are the poppy choruses and in their place is an organic and natural experience straight from the heart of Underoath.