Brilliant sophomore effort from the NY pop punkers. 8/10

We Are The In Crowd only released their debut EP in 2010, and they’ve already come on leaps and bounds. It’s now early 2014, and they’re releasing their sophomore album, ‘Weird Kids’. What a triumph it is for the Poughkeepsie pop punk five-piece: ten tracks of hugely catchy hits. There are absolutely no filler tracks on their second album, which was recorded by super-producer John Feldmann (All Time Low, Panic! At The Disco). Every single track is a little slice of pop perfection, and it’s largely a hugely upbeat affair. The only time the record slows down a bit is for the moving ‘Windows In Heaven’, which was written about frontwoman Taylor Jardine’s late father. The album’s standout track is second track and latest single ‘The Best Thing (That Never Happened)’. It’s wildly upbeat and a bit silly, but most importantly, it’s a hell of a lot of fun (see lyrics like “so toxic, you ain’t nothing but a prick”). It’s no surprise it was chosen as a single. It would be easy to compare We Are The In Crowd to other female-fronted bands like Paramore and Tonight Alive, and they’re not a million miles away, but that would be ignoring just how much fun they are on their own terms. Listen to them, and prepare to fall in love.