Big Cheese brings you an exclusive track from the reformed Michigan post-hardcore heroes' upcoming album 'Fell & Found'.

The new album, entitled 'Fell & Found', will be released on April 26th through No Idea Records . The album was produced by J Robbins, and is the band’s first full-length featuring the four original members since Our Own Wars, released in 1999 by No Idea Records. The band’s last full leangth, The River Bed, was released in 2003 by Lookout! Records.

Fell & Found features 11 new songs recorded at Million Yen Studios in Chicago, IL. Mike Reed, singer/guitarist, had this to say about the new album: “This record brings together everything we've done as a band, but still feels new. We didn’t over think things and just had fun making music again. We’ve written 20 or so songs since we got back together and these are some of our favorites”.

Working with J Robbins was also a big factor in the overall sound of the album. Reed said, “Recording with J was something we've always wanted to do. It was such an honor to make it happen. He put in long days and kept the ship running smoothly. It was gratifying to come full circle and still have fun in the studio with your best friends. We owe a lot of that to J”.

Check out the track (in our opinion one of the highlights of the new album) 'Rescue Mission' below and tell us what you think of it.

Small Brown Bike - Rescue Mission by Big Cheese Magazine