We talk to the Essex hardcore-infused skate punks GIANTS about the genre. Read our top 50 skate punk anthems in the new issue!

Most influential skate punk bands and why?
Jack Longman (guitar): “Bad Religion, Pennywise and NOFX. Mainly because when I was growing up and first getting into both skating and punk, they were the bands you heard on all the games, TV shows and skate videos. They remind me of a time in my life where it all seemed so simple!”

What are the links between skateboarding and music?
“Aggression and speed, a rejection of the norm and general authority... plus music is the nuts and so is skateboarding, so it goes hand in hand really innit!”

What’s your favourite skate punk song and why?
“Bad Religion, 'Big Bang'. This song erupts into motion from the first note and remains that fast all the way through without giving in one bit. First heard it on a 'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater' game and I've loved it ever since!”

What is the future for skate punk?

“I'd say it's looking bright. Punk music seems to be gradually worming it's way back into the light again and punk bands are actually starting to sound and act like punk bands again. Having such great British skate punk bands such as Gnarwolves playing Reading & Leeds main stage is a huge step for the scene as a whole – the more people who get into music like them means more people will get into similar bands of the genre!”