ORIGINALLY conceived as a solo project by Leif (vocals/guitar) in a Northampton art commune's attic, it expanded to include musicians, writers, poets and filmmakers – many from the same commune. The resulting politically-fuelled songs would then lead Leif and friends on the road to Kazakhstan, China and Morocco, the Joykill Collective gained inspiration from far and wide geographically, as well as musically from artists as diverse as David Bowie, Mastodon, The Beatles and Biffy Clyro. Having recorded a four-track self-titled debut EP and with a video for new single 'Liberty Taker', the Joykill Collective throw off genre restrictions on the likes of 'Battle Cry' and 'Lies and Gold'. Creative and full of anger about 21st century politics, this is the sound of a band playing by their own rules.

'Joykill Collective' is out 4th March.

Watch the video premiere for the song 'Liberty Taker' below.