Suicide Silence are set to return to the UK with the first show of their UK tour tonight.

The tour will see support from Thy Art Is Murder, Fit For An Autopsy and Black Tongue.

Those dates are:

14 Birmingham Asylum
15 Newcastle Riverside
16 Glasgow Cathouse
17 Manchester Academy II
18 Leeds Cockpit
19 Southampton Mo Club
20 Cardiff Solus II
21 London Koko

To celebrate the imminent tour, we caught up with guitarist Mark Heylmun and vocalist Eddie Hermida to have a chat...

So after a brief hiatus to grieve and then recording the record, how does it feel to be back out on the road finally?
Mark: “It feels really good; it was something that we missed a lot. It’s kind of the vibe of the band that we miss. Working on music and writing music is really fun, it’s something that we need for our souls to create the music but really being on tour and playing shows, sharing experiences together, getting off stage and talking about what happens is really what we need to stay a group and a family.”

Has it excited you more for your upcoming tour in November?
Eddie: “Well, it’s the UK and the UK has always been a really good spot for Suicide Silence. The UK has always had a lot of love for Suicide Silence. Whenever All Shall Perish played here, there was always a million Suicide Silence shirts. In the UK is the only time I’ve ever had a chant of my name, which is probably the most heartwarming thing I could ever experience.”

Mark: “That has only happened in the UK, it’s never happened anywhere else.”

Is there anyone out there that you’d still like to tour with?
Eddie: “Metallica.”

Mark: “Slipknot, I really want to tour with Slipknot just because of how influential they were to me as a young kid. It would be cool to share the stage with those guys, to party with them, jam with them and learn some life lessons. Those guys are an inspiration to me, they’d be fucking awesome.”

You played Download this year, how was that?
Eddie: “What’s weird is that the Download shows almost feel like shows at home. When you play a home show all of your friends are there, all of the industry is there so it’s like a really busy day.”

Mark: “It kind of went over my head; it’s hard to take all of Download in. It takes a long time to download Download.”

Would you say there’s anything different about playing to a UK audience?

Eddie: “Than the rest of Europe? Yes. Than the US? Probably not. I think that the UK is the closest thing to the United States that you can get when you cross the pond.”

Mark: “Australia, the United States and the UK are all pretty similar: all English-speaking crazy people.”

Your touring schedule has been pretty hectic, pretty much hitting the stage all year, is this your plan for the rest of the year and 2015?

Mark: “My plan is always to do everything I possibly can to promote records and just to get out there, playing shows is like therapy for me so as much as I can play, I play.”

Check out the new video for 'Inherit The Crown' below and see you down the front!