Due out on 29th January, Ship Thieves (formerly known as Chris Wollard And The Ship Thieves) are about to unleash their third album, 'No Anchor', through legendary Florida punk label and our good friends, No Idea Records.

Following on from 2009's self-titled album and 2012's 'Canyons', this third full-length sees Ship Thieves deliver an album which is tight and streamlined and is sure to appeal to fans of Wollard's previous work with Hot Water Music and The Draft, as well as drawing comparisons to the driving melodic punk of Leatherface and Against Me!

Sprawling and upbeat, 'Undertakers' is a tour de force of Wollard and co. in full flow and continues on from 'Canyons', which Wollard described as "Southern punks playing rock and roll!"

Shortening their name to simply Ship Thieves for this third album, they've never sounded better. Listen to 'Undertakers' below.

Pre-order the album from No Idea Records HERE.