In a recent interview, Anti-Flag have explained that they have been working on a new album. Frontman Justin Sane has also confirmed he has a solo record on the way.

The new Anti-Flag album should be out in autumn, although no title or date has yet been announced.

Justin Sane explained:

"We have been working on some new songs and are hoping to release a record in the Fall. I've also been working on a solo album as I haven't done anything since my last record which was six or seven years ago. [...] We've been recording over the last couple of months and will be finishing up during the end of summer. There has been some ideas for a title but nothing confirmed yet; we've thrown around a few things and one of them is Magnum (laughs). It's a reference from Zoolander. I think now, it's definitely going to be the name of the new record."

The album will be the follow-up to 2009's 'The People Or The Gun'.